November 01, 2003

Howard Dean, Supporter of the Confederacy

Not only does Howard Dean have a record of opposing gun control measures that would keep dangerous assault weapons off our streets, now he also seems to be supporting the principles of the Confederacy.

It's hard to believe a Democratic candidate for president would say something like this, but the Des Moines Register doesn't lie:

"I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks," Dean said Friday in a telephone interview from New Hampshire. "We can't beat George Bush unless we appeal to a broad cross-section of Democrats."

No doubt Dean's second statement is true, but his first couldn't be more irresponsible and contrary to the ideals of the Democratic party.

Dick Gephardt had a quick response to Dean's stunning admission.

"I don't want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks. I will win the Democratic nomination because I will be the candidate for the guys with American flags in their pickup trucks.

"Apparently, Governor Dean believes that if we sacrifice our support for reasonable gun legislation like the assault weapons ban, we will win the support of those that disagree with us on bedrock Democratic values like civil rights. I absolutely disagree with him."

Why, why, do liberals flock to a candidate who will allow assault weapons on American streets and stands up not for the civil rights fight, but for discrimination and racism? The real Democrat is from Missouri. He's Dick Gephardt.

October 30, 2003

Mild-Mannered Warrior

Illinois won't get a lot of exposure during primary season, but it will be a key state to retain for the Democratic candidate. Today in my hometown Chicago Tribune there is a great analysis of Dick Gephardt's campaign for president.

He is described as a "mild-mannered warrior." That sounds about right. His devotion to the important things in the lives of hard working Americans is something that can't be said for some of the other candidates. Gephardt has fought for what's right for 26 years in Congress and won't back down in that battle until every American has quality health coverage and has the same chances that he did as a young kid growing up in St. Louis in the 1950's.

Much of the article points to Gephardt's childhood as his formative years when he was taught that doing the right thing means doing what is right for everyone. He has taken that lesson to heart in Congress and will carry it proudly to the White House.

Read this quality in-depth look at the Dick Gephardt, the man who can restore truth and honesty to the White House.

October 23, 2003

Keep On Truckin'

Recently the talking heads have picked up on what we've known all along: Dick Gephardt is for real. They describe Gephardt as "surging," but he's been moving up consistently since day one. Perhaps its due to the fact that primary voters are starting to see that Howard Dean isn't all he's cracked up to be and that he's not really the savior they imagined him to be.

But I doubt it. The real reason we're seeing great articles that tout Gephardt's strong resume and record is the man himself. He's stuck to his guns throughout the primary season and has been doing his tortoise thing the whole way.

Dean may surge now, and may need to start his attack ads early here in October in order to keep his momentum from lagging as it has been, but Gephardt has kept his eye on the ultimate prize. He knows how primaries are won - he's done it.

Call it a "surge," call it whatever you want, but Gephardt has been steadily rising ever since he declared his candidacy. It's good to see the media and the voters are finally paying attention.

September 23, 2003

13th Labor Endorsement

Yesterday the Operative Plasterers' and Cement Masons' International Association endorsed Dick Gephardt as their choice for president. OPCMIA became the 13th international union to throw their support behind Dick Gephardt.

Said OPCMIA president John Dougherty, "Dick shares our union's commitment to providing every American with quality health insurance and keeping good paying jobs here in the United States. There is no one who has been a better friend and ally to labor and we are proud to endorse him for president of the United States."

With an overwhelming 13 international unions backing his candidacy, Dick Gephardt is clearly labor's favorite advocate for protecting American jobs at a time when the Bush administration's policies have led to the destruction of over three million American jobs. Dick Gephardt understands the struggles of the American worker and will fight every day to keep American working families strong.

In response Gephardt said that the battle to defeat George Bush was just getting underway. "With the help and grassroots support of those in the labor movement, we will lift this lagging economy and get every American covered with quality health coverage that can never be taken away. Together, we will beat George Bush and reverse his dismal record on job security, economic security and health security."

September 20, 2003

Keeping The Candidates Honest

Recently Dick Gephardt unveiled a new website called Dean Facts that aims to keep Howard Dean honest about his past. Dean has aligned himself as the liberal candidate who stands up for Social Security and Medicare, but his record shows that he is anything but.

The Dean campaign has wrongly accused Gephardt of starting a smear campaign, but smearing would imply using dirty, false methods of attacking an opponent. Smearing with the truth is fair play, and its up to Howard Dean to come clean to Democratic voters.

He'll have a hard time explaining why he can say Medicare is "one of the worst federal programs ever," and campaign today as the left's savior.

If Democrats really look at who has stood by them through the good and the bad they will see that Dick Gephardt is their man. He's actually more liberal than Dean on most all social issues and he believes in a strong American military in this day and age when terrorism threatens our shores and our skies. Gephardt has the full package. Dean just has his inconsistent record to stand on.

September 07, 2003

Gephardt To Track Bush's Failures

Dick Gephardt has launched a brand new website that will detail all of the times president Bush has let America down during his term. It's got a great name, one that was taken from Gephardt's memorable line from the New Mexico debate on September 4.

It is called 'A Miserable Failure' and will track the number of jobs lost due to the Bush administration economic policies, the environmental damage posed by his administration's attachment to big business, and his incompetent foreign policy that has left America less safe than before September 11.

Check it out. It's time for a new president.

September 02, 2003

Ads Hit Iowa and New Hampshire!

The Gephardt campaign has rolled out the big guns for the fall campaign season. Two new commercials will air on Iowa and New Hampshire television in the coming weeks that will highlight Gephardt's strong leadership over the past 26 years in Congress and his childhood roots and midwestern upbringing that formed him into a moral and compassionate person who continues to look out for the less fortunate.

In the first spot, entitled "Leader," a voice describes how Gephardt and Congressional Democrats stood up to strong Republican opposition to the Clinton economic plan in 1993 and how it has since proved to be the lynchpin for the success of the American economy. In contrast, under George W. Bush's term in office, an average of 69,000 Americans have lost their job each month. That's a sobering comparison.

In the second ad, entitled "Struggled," Gephardt gives a much more personal message about his family, his roots and how his dream for America includes every American, not just the few. It's my favorite of the two because it shows the true devotion Gephardt has to doing what is right for this country. I think a lot of people assume all politicians are cynical and only do what is popular, but Gephardt breaks that mold. He is a great man who believes in the potential of America and believes in that potential because he helped craft it into success with the Clinton economic plan.

Check out both of these ads here!

August 24, 2003

Profiling A Great American

In a rarity, the Des Moines Register, which hasn't written the most glowing articles about Dick Gephardt in the past, writes a great one about his long devotion to politics and how he went from door-to-door house visits to rally precincts to support him for alderman to his quest today to make America a better place after four years of neglectful leadership by George W. Bush.

Dick Gephardt learned at an early age that hard work opens doors. He excelled in drama in high school, became an Eagle Scout, earned a degree in speech from Northwestern University, and studied law at the University of Michigan.

Inspired by the idealism of President Kennedy and his appeal to public service, the young lawyer plunged into St. Louis politics at the ground level. With his wife at his side, his first job as precinct captain meant getting to know each and every Democrat in the Second Precinct of Ward 14.

Gephardt remembers his marching orders from ward committeeman Phelim O'Toole, his first political mentor: " "If any of them haven't voted by 4 o'clock, leave your wife at the polling place and go out and get them." So that's what I did."

Gephardt came to know the tidy neighborhoods of south St. Louis better than any door-to-door salesman. His election as alderman in 1971 transformed him into a kind of ombudsman for people in his ward who wanted a pothole filled or a streetlight fixed.

"There's not much skulduggery done. Everybody basically takes care of their wards and they get whatever they can get for their own people. Nobody is trying to cut somebody else's throat," said Summers, the Republican who lost his re-election bid to Gephardt.

Theresa Miller, a City Hall employee and one of Gephardt's former neighbors, said he knew how to connect with working families and took citizen complaints in stride.

"He was a good alderman. Our neighborhood was very well taken care of,"

It's a great profile of a great American. Read the whole thing.

August 21, 2003

Gephardt Continues To Roll Along Strong

I know I'm a few days late on things here, but that's because I've been travelling and am now in Istanbul! In the meantime though, the Gephardt campaign just keeps on rolling. After an impressive showing in the most recent poll from New Hampshire which shows the congressman with a solid hold on third place, it was announced that he has picked up his 12th major union endorsement!

With over 300,000 members, the Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical & Energy Workers International Union (PACE) became the latest addition to Gephardt's strong line up of labor support. For the record that's 12 for Gephardt, zero for all of the rest... combined. In case there was any confusion.

Said PACE president Boyd Young, "We know Gephardt has the ability to beat George W. Bush for the presidency. He is the best candidate to represent the interests of working people."

This endorsement is huge for Gephardt's long term plan to snag the endorsement of the whole AFL-CIO since PACE is the fourth largest member union within the umbrella organization. According to Nick at Gephardt Grassroots, Gephardt's labor support now amounts to 4,043,000 members. That's an overwhelming figure. With that many working Americans on his side this early, it's clear that Gephardt is on the rise.

August 14, 2003

Face-to-Face Wins Over Voters

Once again it's been proven that the best way to judge a candidate is to see him in person and to see the fire in his eyes. Yesterday when Dick Gephardt spoke at the Iowa Federation of Labor forum voters saw his determination in person, and he came away with some enthused supporters.

"Gephardt did himself some good," Mark Smith, president of the IFL, said after the forum. "I think he allayed some fears people had about whether he had the fire in his belly."

Tom Neal, member of the American Federation of Government Employees in Des Moines, said he had wondered whether Gephardt had any fresh ideas after serving so long in Congress.

"What I saw was a Dick Gephardt I've never seen before. He's got the biggest health care plan and delivers a speech with a lot of fire," he said. 'This is not Dick Gephardt of 1988 or 1994 - button-down Dick. This is a new guy."

"Gephardt said he's the same guy, but more free to be himself. No longer is he campaigning for Iowa congressional candidates or calibrating his every word to avoid offending the Democratic House caucus.

"He seems confident, but not certain, that his approach will win voters over - one speech at a time, if necessary.

"I'm very passionate about these issues," Gephardt said, "and I hope it shows."

"Hansen said it does. She came to the meeting backing Dean, but now is taking a second look. "Dean still gets a star" for his speech, she said. "Gephardt gets two."

When voters see the personal devotion that Gephardt has to the core issues of health care, union rights and passion for America, they tend to come on board. Let's hope that face-to-face realization can effect every American. :)

August 12, 2003

Gephardt's Grassroots Weapon

David Yepsen writes in the Des Moines Register that Dick Gephardt's labor support should not be underestimated and that come caucus time it will help him out big time. Having the support of groups that encompass over four million members (and counting) will be invaluable to Gephardt's campaign. With the addition of the Teamsters, who have nearly 12,000 Iowa members, Gephardt's grassroots support will be solid.

"For Hoffa and the Teamsters, an old friend is better than a new face. But can they produce for Gephardt? The Teamsters have never been known as a highly Democratic union. Many members are Republicans or independents. Some aren't interested in politics.

"It's precisely because the Teamsters haven't been big caucus-goers in the past that makes their support so delicious for Gephardt. One trait of a winning caucus campaign is the ability to bring new people into the process. While Gephardt enjoyed some union support in his successful 1988 fight in Iowa, it was nothing like what he's getting now. One longtime Gephardt aide said that in 1988 only two regional unions had endorsed Gephardt prior to the caucuses. Today, he's got 11 internationals. Much is made of the fact the national AFL-CIO probably isn't going to endorse a candidate and how that's a rebuff to Gephardt. That analysis overlooks the math of what Gephardt is putting in place in Iowa."

Many critics of Gephardt have suggested that he's lagging and that his support is timid because it wants a winner. They point to the fact that the AFL-CIO didn't endorse Gephardt last week and instead set a date in October as the decision day. What those critics overlook though, is that the AFL-CIO only rarely has endorsed a candidate before the caucuses and primaries. They did so in 1984 with Walter Mondale and they did so again in 2000 for Al Gore. In both of these cases though, the field of candidates was already narrowed down to two or three.

Dick Gephardt is running against eight other candidates. For him to have 11 international unions this early in the race is incredible. The AFL-CIO didn't endorse Gore until October and that was when he had only one opponent! For Gephardt to earn the endorsement by October is remarkable.

"If every Iowan who is a member of a union that has endorsed Gephardt would get to a caucus on Jan 19 and bring a spouse, friend or relative, Gephardt would win in a blowout."

Of course that won't happen, but if even a portion of that support translates into caucus votes, Gephardt will win overwhelmingly in Iowa. Here's hoping. :)

August 11, 2003

Campaign Blogging

When I was interning at the Gephardt campaign this summer I tried and tried to get the idea of an official campaign blog going. Everyone I talked to seemed to be open to the idea and enthused by the concept... yet there is still no Gephardt blog. The idea of a blog was floated internally at the campaign way back in February, but as of August, there still are no Gephardt blogs that I know of beyond See Dick Win, Gephardt Grassroots, and Labor for Gephardt.

While Dean has dominated campaign blogging, and Kucinich has had some unofficial supporters, the other candidates had been sitting out. The opportunity was ripe for Gephardt to be the first candidate with support from working families to have an internet medium that builds on the grassroots nature of his support.

But it didn't happen. Graham and Kerry have unveiled their blogs and have taken the thunder out of the possibility of an official Gephardt blog. It has left Kos wondering why the other campaigns haven't utilized blogging.

Gephardt needs a blog. Blogging is a grassroots activity that unites supporters and motivates others to get involved. A blog would be a great way for the campaign to organize its labor support (which is overwhelming) and to accomplish a lot with very little effort. Where is the official Gephardt campaign blog?

August 07, 2003

Photo Roundup

It's been a while since I had a photo roundup here at See Dick Win and after this past week there's plenty of pictures worth seeing. The pictures below should show up since they are AP and Reuters photos and not my own feeble attempt at posting my digital photos.

After attending an event in San Francisco where he officially joined PFLAG, Gephardt waves to supporters in the building above.

After receiving the endorsement of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees in New York, Gephardt spoke to reporters about his successes in earning international labor support.

Speaking at a rally in San Francisco, Gephardt pledges his support for members of the United Food and Commercial Workers union.

Gephardt laid out a hard-hitting plan for rebuilding the American economy after over three million jobs have been lost during the Bush administration. Gephardt's plan would stimulate the economy through health care benefits for every American and by working towards fiscal responsibility instead of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy that have left the federal government with nearly half a trillion dollars in new debt this year alone.

Gephardt stands triumphantly with leaders of the United Steelworkers of America after their 1.2 million members overwhelmingly chose Gephardt to be their choice for president in 2004.

Gephardt greets Rev. Jesse Jackson in the lobby of The Drake Hotel in Chicago before heading off to a rally at the United Center.

Speaking to the Steelworkers, Gephardt fires up his supporters for a big evening at the forum. Doesn't he look pumped? :)

Before heading to Navy Pier for the AFL-CIO presidential forum, Gephardt rallied the troops at an event at the United Center. Over 15 buses of union members were at the rally to show their support for Gephardt.

While other candidates tied themselves in knots trying to explain their anti-labor policies, Gephardt reminded the audience that he has always stood up for their values and can always be counted on when American jobs are at stake.

Gephardt won the crowd at the AFL-CIO presidential forum with his forceful message of standing up for the rights and ideals of working Americans. It's in his bones and the audience could certainly tell.

August 06, 2003

Gephardt Works

Make sure you check out the new campaign page solely devoted to Dick Gephardt's labor support. It's at GephardtWorks.com. A great addition to the campaign site - now where's the blog?

Steelworkers Endorse Gephardt

Hours before Gephardt took the stage at the AFL-CIO presidential forum, the United Steelworkers of America formally endorsed him as their choice for president. At a rally at the Knickerbocker Hotel in Chicago, Steelworkers president Leo Gerard praised Gephardt, saying he has always been "unflagging in his allegiance to working families and unsurpassed as a leader in the fight against trade policies that are devastating American manufacturing workers."

The endorsement came after a poll of the union's members in which Gephardt won in overwhelming fashion.

"The results really come as no surprise. Our members are well aware that Dick was a leader in the struggles crucial to their well being long before he became a Democratic leader in the House of Representatives and a presidential candidate," said Gerard. "He shares our deeply-held conviction that America's trade policies are the cause of more than two million manufacturing jobs having been lost in recent years, and he has never failed to make the case, no matter the odds of victory."

The Steelworkers' endorsement further underscores Gephardt's support from working Americans. With the endorsement Gephardt will gain an invaluable supply of foot soldiers for his message of health care for every American. Gerard said his 1.2 million members looked forward to campaigning for Gephardt in Iowa, New Hampshire and elsewhere.
AFL-CIO Presidential Forum Photos

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the AFL-CIO Presidential Forum to do some advance work for the Gephardt campaign. It was a full day for the congressman - a rally at the Knickerbocker Hotel at which Gephardt was endorsed by the Steelworkers (!), a rousing speech to union members at the United Center and of course, the forum.

I just got a brand new digital camera, so I have pictures, but I'm still getting used to it so some are better than others. [Update: It appears that the photos are not cooperating. You can still see the pictures on their own, without my captions at my photo page. Hopefully that will work]

[Gephardt spent the early afternoon prepping for the forum and meeting with supporters in his hotel room. I know you can't see it, but that's Lake Shore Drive and Lake Michigan out the window. Quite a view.

Once we got to Navy Pier the Congressman had some time to check his notes one last time before heading down to the stage. I know it's the backs of people, but take my word for it, it's Bob Graham, Carol Moseley Braun, John Edwards and Gephardt, from left to right.

Gephardt got a prime spot on stage - right in the middle. The forum was hosted by Bob Edwards of NPR.

Gephardt started off with a very forceful call for change that really got the crowd going. He definately got the biggest response of all the candidates from the 2,500 people in attendance.

The balcony was packed, but the AFL-CIO made sure everyone could see with those huge projection screens.

After the forum was over, the candidates went upstairs to the press area. Gephardt and Graham were the first two up the stairs and immediately the press decended on Gephardt, leaving Graham alone...

...to talk to the local Fox news station.

Everyone wanted to hear what labor's best friend had to say. Kucinich tried to jump into the media circle that Gephardt had created, but it quickly evaporated upon his arrival.

As Gephardt spoke to the media the union presidents who support him stood behind him to demonstrate their belief in his plan for America.

Gephardt listened to the needs and words of support from a union member who had been in attendance.]


All in all the forum was a smash success. Gephardt won the crowd, and won the media. After the press time Gephardt and the other candidates attended a reception with AFL-CIO president John Sweeney. While Dean held court in one corner Gephardt worked the room. Kerry failed to attend while Lieberman did, but was met with opposition to his support for unwieldly free trade. It was clear that Gephardt was the evening favorite. But you knew that.

August 04, 2003

Economic Success Depends On Middle Class

Dick Gephardt gave a great speech on the state of the economy today to the New York Chamber of Commerce. In it he attacked the misguided nature of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and declared that it is the middle class that is suffering as a result. While Bush claims his tax cut will make America better by having the wealth trickle down, his plan has only raised the tax burden for hard working Americans and the middle class. Bush has abandoned the heart of America for a quick handout to his fellow billionaires.

"It's the same old story. Unfortunately, it's like the replay of an old movie the country had to live through once before in the late eighties and early nineties. Bush Economy I, Bush Economy II. They say no matter how bad the original was, the sequel is always worse. President Bush knows his father was defeated in large part because he failed on the economy. His father ran up billions in debt and lost millions of jobs. So now he's desperately trying to prove to the American people he's paying attention to the economy. Sadly, his policies are so harmful, we'd probably be better off if he was paying less attention."

Heh. So true. This is a president who long ago gave up on caring for the average American and has instead focused on increasing the wealth for his cronies. The tax cuts don't help the economy because they aren't targeted at those who would be most likely to spend it on something productive. The tax cuts do nothing more than put us in further debt. "They don't stimulate anything except donations to the President's re-election campaign."

The concept is simple really, yet it continues to be misunderstood by the Bush administration. Instead of giving more money to the wealthiest CEO's who won't spend it because they already have everything they would ever want, Gephardt would make sure Americans who fight every day for true American values of hard work, reach of the American Dream and provide the backbone of the American way of life will be the first to benefit from a successful economic plan that will get America back on track.

"You see, if we reward the work and initiative of ordinary Americans, if we empower them and enable them to prosper, then everybody benefits, from the factory floor to the corporate boardroom. In the end, we're all bound together. We're all members of the American family. And I won't be satisfied until every family, not just the few, can share in the bounty of America. I won't be satisfied until we've made opportunity real for everyone who's willing to work for it."

August 03, 2003

'The Fight For Working Families Is In My Bones'

The Greenville News in Greenville, South Carolina had a good, positive article about Dick Gephardt's dedication to American workers and his chances of capturing South Carolina in the upcoming primary. It also has a nice summary of Gephardt's dedication to workers throughout his 26 years in Congress.

Gephardt has a long history of defending American jobs. When asked why he should be the candidate who the average American worker looks to for leadership this time around, Gephardt responded, "I have shared their beliefs, and I have bled and fought on their issues for 26 years in the United States House. They know that."

Gephardt's appeal shouldn't be limited to union members though. His positions have always transcended union endorsements and dedication to organized labor. Gepnardt's fight for equal labor practices is a fight that all American workers understand and are issues that everyone has a stake in. "The issues I've fought for - like trade and health care - are issues that are important to workers whether they're unionized or not. Workers will respond to my message. The fight for working families is in my bones."

Gephardt sees the debate in South Carolina as one that ultimately focuses on jobs. With a heavy concentration of South Carolina jobs in textile work and manufacturing, the state has been hit hard by the Bush recession. Gephardt believes that his history with trade issues and economic growth will play well in South Carolina, where just last week Pillowtex announced it was cutting 7,500 jobs and shutting down.

Gephardt's stimulus health care plan and his vision for a better America will be welcomed with open arms in South Carolina, and soon all of America will do the same.

August 01, 2003

Gephardt Stands Up For Equality

Yesterday President Bush declared his intolerance for gay and lesbian Americans in his rose garden press conference. He stated that he thought marriage was only a right that heterosexuals could enjoy, while claiming he was a compassionate and open person. Of course we all know that's false - Bush has never advocated equality for all Americans, and his outburst was to be expected.

Now let's contrast that position with Dick Gephardt's stance. He has supported hate crime legislation, worked for clean needle exchanges to prevent the spread of HIV, and has tirelessly advocated the importance of seeing every American as endowed with equal rights.

"He (Bush) is wrong. That should not be a constitutional amendment, and I will do everything I can, and I know you will do everything you can, to defeat this amendment," Gephardt said to a group at a San Francisco LGBT community center. "We will stick together, and we will win this fight so generations in the future will not be faced with hate and violence."

His support of gay and lesbian American's fight for equality was made all the more poignant when he learned two years ago that his daughter Chrissy was lesbian. Instead of shunning her as Vice President Cheney has largely done with his lesbian daughter, Gephardt has embraced Chrissy and has even made her a lead campaigner in his bid for president.

It's clear that Gephardt is the candidate that understands the importance of equal rights for everyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Little of the same can be said about the current White House of Intoleration.

July 31, 2003

Gephardt To Pick Up Teamsters Endorsement

Word has gotten out that the Teamsters plan to endorse Dick Gephardt in the very near future. While the actual endorsement isn't for another week, the AP has broken the story today.

"For Gephardt, who has staked his campaign on the support of organized labor, the endorsement was widely expected - but just not so early.

"Teamsters officials haven't been shy about their affection for Gephardt, whose father, a milk truck driver, was a member - a point the candidate constantly highlights.

"He's certainly the best candidate for working families and has stood strong with the Teamsters throughout his entire career," [Teamsters spokesman Bret] Caldwell said."

This should put to doubt any nagging concerns Gephardt nay-sayers have about his viability or his support. The Teamsters represent 1.4 million working Americans - that's not small change. It's clear that working families have chosen who stands up for them the best. It's not the multimillionaire John Edwards, it's not the limousine liberal John Kerry, it's not the leader of the techno-intellectuals Howard Dean, and it's certainly the limitless free trader Joe Lieberman - it's Dick Gephardt, always has been, always will be.
Maritime Unions Support Gephardt

Dick Gephardt picked up his 8th and 9th major union endorsements today from two maritime unions.

The Seafarers International Union of North America, with over 80,000 members and the American Maritime Officers with 4,000 members announced their enthusiastic support for Gephardt in a conference call today.

When asked if he every considered any other candidates in his decision to endorse, the Seafarers president said, "To me there was always only one candidate in this race, and that's Dick Gephardt." The two presidents both offered strong support for Gephardt's candidacy and were encouraged by his tireless support of working families and union members.

At one point the president of the American Maritime Officers lemented the fact that he doesn't live in Gephardt's Missouri district and couldn't claim to have voted for him in the past. Gephardt responded, "You'll be in my district soon. It will be the whole country."

July 30, 2003

Endorsements Pour In

Dick Gephardt's record and his plan for health care for every American has convinced officials in both Iowa and New Hampshire that he is best candidate for the Democratic nomination. Just yesterday Iowa state senator Bob Dvorsky, the ranking member of the state's appropriations committee that often deals with health care issues, announced that he has endorsed Gephardt's campaign for president.

Dvorsky was encouraged by Gephardt's health care plan and his ideas for getting the economy going again. "As the Democratic Leader, Dick Gephardt has always fought for what was right, even when it wasn't politically popular. He led the fight to balance the budget in the early 1990's, which led to the strongest economy our country has ever seen. As president, Dick Gephardt is going to bring affordable, dependable health care to all Americans and we are so electrified to be working to get him elected. Dick Gephardt has always fought for families like ours and so many in Iowa and he is going to continue that fight from the Oval Office."

In New Hampshire, Gephardt's support from state lawmakers continued to grow. Gephardt leads the field in the number of New Hampshire representatives who have endorsed his campaign. Just last week he picked up two more endorsements from state representatives bringing his total to 28. State representative Irene Pratt spoke about Gephardt's goals for America and his solutions for its problems.

"Gephardt is not only aware of what the average American faces in regard to employment opportunities, health care costs and education but he has solutions to create jobs, lower the cost of health care by covering more people and recruit teachers. He has proven his ability to perform on national affairs and has an established record of success."
Gephardts Join PFLAG

In a press release today, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), announced that Dick and Jane Gephardt had joined the organization. Their daughter, Chrissy, is lesbian and has been with her partner Amy for over two years.

The president of PFLAG announced the Gephardts new membership with enthusiasm. "It is with great pleasure that we welcome Dick and Jane Gephardt into the PFLAG family. Dick and Jane have demonstrated to the world their love and support for their daughter, Chrissy. Their family values are clearly aligned with PFLAG's mission."

Gephardt has long been a strong supporter of gay rights and his determination to help the fight for equality has never fallen short.

"It's clear that the Gephardts understand the importance of fairness and inclusion for all," said PFLAG executive director David Tseng. "We look forward to working with them to build a just society where everyone can live in harmony with his or her own self and others."

July 29, 2003


Ben and Nick over at Grassroots have just unveiled a brand new email system for Gephardt supporters. It's called Gep-Mail and anyone who supports Dick Gephardt can sign up and get an email account. It's a slick system and will get Gephardt's name out there. Here's a screen shot:

Head over and check it out!
IATSE Endorses Gephardt

Dick Gephardt is set to pick up yet another major union endorsement today. At a meeting in New York City the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees will endorse the congressman for the Democratic nomination. IATSE represents 100,000 members across North America.

IATSE President Thomas Short spoke about Gephardt's long history of defending American workers and fighting for fair labor practices. "[Gephardt] has demonstrated through words and most importantly his actions, that he supports working families. He has fought to protect the rights of unions to organize, bargain and represent their members."

Gephardt now has the endorsement of seven major unions - seven more than any of his rivals.

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